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Tough Questions

Adapted from “Barefoot in the Snow”

Scripture Reference: Job 38:1-11

Do any of you have questions that no one has been able to answer? Are there any really tough questions that you would like to have answered? If you have one, go ahead and ask it now. I’m not going to try and answer them, but I’d just like to hear them. (Let children ask their questions.)

We can answer many questions already. We’ve learned a lot about this world we live in. But do you think there is anyone who can answer every question? We continue to discover more and more about this world. scientists discover creatures that live way down deep in the ocean that don’t need sunlight to love. People who study the stars and deep space discover new galaxies and places where bright stars are formed. There is so much to know and to learn!

One question that is always hard to answer is “Why do good people suffer?” the Bible talks about a good man named Job who had all kinds of terrible things happen to him, and he wanted to know why. God answered Job’s questions with questions of His own. Job didn’t really get an answer right away. (Here you may offer your own examples of questions that you struggle with. My own example follows.)

I have a good friend who has had a pretty rough life and has struggled with various health issues. Recently, her husband, whom she loved dearly and who helped take care of her, died in a terrible accident. And it is hard to understand how our loving God would allow this. I know that she is surrounded with prayer and caring friends who are helping her, but I don’t know why this had to happen. I know that God loves all of us, but I also know that God doesn’t always give us immediate answers to our questions. Some questions will have to wait until we get to heaven, but they will be answered.

Questions are very important. Asking questions is how we learn. God created us to be curious, to want to know. It’s good to ask why. I hope that each of you will ask questions your whole life. Today, during the service, think of a really tough question to ask your folks. If they don’t know the answer, they may be able to find the answer in a book or on the internet. Or you just might come up with a question that can’t be answered yet. But keep asking anyway. You’ll learn some amazing things.

Prayer: Dear Creator of our amazing universe, thank you for the wonders that you have created. Thank you, too, for making us curious, questioning creatures. We’re glad that we can go to you with all of our questions.

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