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Hungry for Love

Pentecost Proper 13 From “Sitting on the Rainbow” Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud Scripture Reference: John 6:24-35

Preparation: Bring a loaf of bread that has been broken into pieces and placed in a basket for easy distribution.

I brought some bread in a basket this morning. I’ll pass it around. You can help yourself to a piece of bread and then pass it to the next person. (Pass the bread around; continue talking as the children help themselves.) When we’re hungry, we can eat bread and

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Filling the Need

Pentecost Proper 12 From “Sitting on the Rainbow” Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud Scripture Reference: John 6:1-21

If it was a hot day and I was really, really thirsty, what would be the best thing for me: a chocolate milkshake or a glass of water? (Let children respond.) I would need water. After I had gotten my water, I might want a milkshake. But if I were very thirsty, plain water would be the best thing for me. What if I were starting school at a

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Sheep on the Lam

Pentecost Proper 11 From “Sitting on the Rainbow” Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud Scripture Reference: Mark 6:30-34

The Gospel reading for today talks about sheep without a shepherd. Mark 6 says that when Jesus saw the crowds of people who came to listen to him, he felt sorry for them because they were like sheep without a shepherd.

You may never have seen sheep without a shepherd, but have any of you ever seen a child without a parent? A lost child is a very sad

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A Nation of Rebels

Pentecost Proper 9 From “Sitting on the Rainbow” Scripture Reference: Ezek. 2:3-5

Image from 1916 pub. "A Textbook of Physics," Alexander William Duff et. al.

Preparation: Bring two large, strong magnets that can be turned to attract or repel each other. Large bar magnets with clearly marked north and south poles should work well.

I’d like to read to you from the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, chapter 2, verses 3-5. “‘Son of man,’ [God] said, ‘I am sending you to the nation of

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