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Hands for Healing

Jesus knows how special and wonderful hands are, and he used his hands to do amazing things. The Gospel lesson for today talks about a wonderful thing that Jesus did with his hands. A woman came to see Jesus. The woman was all bent over and could not straighten up; she had been that way for eighteen years. And do you know what Jesus did with his hands? He put his hands on the woman and healed her. She straightened up right away, and she said, “Praise God! Thank you for healing me!”

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Perfectly Saved

Summary: An argument about perfection leads to the realization that no one is perfect enough to earn their way into heaven, but because God sent Jesus to redeem us, it is by God’s action that we receive eternal life.

Cast: Kit Fox, a red fox puppet with a long tail; Gloria, a silly goose; Snelly, a large snail.

Kit: (Appears as music ends; keeps singing song and dancing around.) Man those tunes really rock. This was a great idea having a courtyard concert. I love

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