Kidsermons is a four-book series of children’s sermons, originally published by Augsburg Fortress. Three of the books follow the three-year lectionary cycle of scripture readings as found in the Revised Common Lectionary. The fourth book offers a year’s worth of sermons designed for calendar events and holidays, themes and topics not necessarily covered in the pericope readings.

Saving the Ants follows the lectionary readings for Year A. Sitting on the Rainbow follows the readings for Year B, and Scolding the Snakes follows the readings for Year C. Barefoot in the Snow is the supplementary book of sermons for holidays, special times and topics. It offers object lessons and sermons to use on or near holidays such as New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and St. Patrick’s Day. It also contains sermons dealing with diverse subjects such as tithing, conversion, media influence and the death of a child.