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May 2011

How Close Is God?

From Saving the Ants, by Ruth Gilmore For the 6th Sunday of Easter

Scripture Reference: Acts 17:22-31  “…he is not far from any one of us. ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’”

If you could name something that is the farthest possible distance away from you, what would that thing be? What is something that is really far away from you?(Discuss distant objects with children.)

Now, if you could name something that is as close to you as is

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Ask Anything

Cast of Characters: Mabel the Cow, Baabara the Sheep, a Muppet named Mercy Mee, a Muppet named Milo Yo

Bible Reference: John 14:12 – 14

Mercy Mee: Okay, now where is that verse? It’s one of the best verses in the Bible. This is going to totally change my life! If I can just find it. (Looking through the Bible.) Where is it? I can’t find it anywhere!

Milo Yo: (Enters and watches Mercy for a while.) Hiya Mercy. Whatcha doing?

Mercy: (Exasperated)

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Shepherd and Door

From Saving the Ants by Ruth Gilmore For the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Scripture Reference: John 10:1-10 “I am the gate for the sheep… Those who come in through me will be saved.”

Preparation: (Optional) You can bring a picture of Jesus as the Shepherd or point out a picture in the church. Show your illustration after asking the children if they know who the Good Shepherd is. Pick your volunteer ‘wolf’ out ahead of time.

Who is the Good Shepherd? Can anyone

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