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April 2012

I Just Wanna Be a Sheep

Fourth Sunday of Easter

From “Saving the Ants”

Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud

Scripture Reference: Psalm 23

Preparation: (Optional) Bring cotton balls to represent sheep or make simple sheep from pom-poms to hand out to the children.

Does anyone know who King David was? He was king of Israel a long time ago. Do you know what he did before he became a king? He was a shepherd. A shepherd doesn’t have a very glamorous job. He has to take care of a big flock of sheep. This is not easy, because sheep aren’t very intelligent creatures. Almost every other farm animal you could name is smarter than a sheep.

So a shepherd has to show the sheep where they should eat grass, where they should drink fresh water, where they should lie down and go to sleep. The shepherd has to protect the sheep from hungry wolves and bears. He has to keep them from running off the edge of cliffs. He has to keep them from getting lost.

King David knew a lot about sheep. He knew how silly they were and how much they needed a shepherd. And after he became king, he wrote a song, a psalm, that begins, “The Lord is my shepherd” (Ps. 23:1 NLT). Now if the Lord is my shepherd, what does that make me? Right! A sheep! Isn’t that insulting? No, just realistic. We do need God. We need taking care of. It would really be silly to think that we didn’t need God as our shepherd. Do you think those sheep would last very long out in the wilderness without a shepherd? No!

I’d like to give each one of you a soft little sheep to remind you how sheep need a shepherd just like we need God. Even though we’re much smarter than sheep, in some ways we can be just as silly when we make bad choices and refuse to follow the Good Shepherd who loves us. (You may pass out cotton balls and, if desired, teach the children a simple song.)

I want to teach you a little song. Whenever you hear the word “sheep” you can say “Baa!” And when we’re done, all of you little lambs can find your way back to your places.

Optional song, to the tune, “The Games People Play” by Joe South

I just want to be a sheep (BAA!),

I just want to be a sheep (BAA!),

Pray the Lord my soul to keep,

I just want to be a sheep! (BAA!)


Prayer:  Dear Jesus, our good shepherd, thank you for watching over us and keeping us from harm.

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