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December 2012

Young Teacher

First Sunday after Christmas Day

From “Scolding the Snakes”

Scripture Reference: Luke 2:41-52

Do any of you have a favorite teacher, a teacher at school or Sunday school whom you really like a lot? (If they wish, children can name some of their teachers.) Teachers are wonderful, aren’t they? They make learning fun and exciting. They make us happy to go to school. (You may tell about one of your favorite teachers and what made that teacher special.) 

Jesus was a teacher. People often called him “Rabbi,” which means “Teacher.” Jesus was an excellent teacher. He used interesting stories to teach. He used examples from the world around him; he used things that people could see to teach about heaven and other things that people could not see. Jesus taught old people and young people. He taught people from many different countries and cultures. Most people know that Jesus was a great teacher.

But do you know how old Jesus was when he began to teach? (Let children guess.) Is anyone here twelve years old? (Invite a twelve-year-old volunteer to stand up.) This is how old Jesus was when he first began to teach at the temple in Jerusalem. He was only twelve years old, and already he was asking and answering difficult questions about God.

Are any of you teachers yet? (Let kids respond.) Well, you may not be teachers at a school, but children certainly are teachers at times.

Children teach grown-ups to stop and look closely at flowers and rocks. They teach bigger people to hunker down low so they can get a better view of a line of ants busily working. They teach us adults to stop and take time for really important things like snuggling and reading books.

There are so many things that kids like you can teach adults. From you we learn how to have fun and how to be surprised and curious and how to believe and trust.

Jesus is a great teacher, and we hope we’ll always be willing to learn from him. But don’t forget that you are teachers too! When you go back to your seats, you can ask your parents what you have taught them. Then talk about how you can learn together from Jesus.

Prayer:  Jesus, you are our very best teacher. Help us learn what you want us to be and do.

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