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March 2013

Shouting Stones

Palm Sunday From “Scolding the Snakes” Scripture Reference:Â Luke 19:28-40Â

Preparation: Bring in palm branches and several large, smooth rocks to pass around or enough small stones to distribute to all the children.

Hold up the rocks. Who can tell me what these are? (Let children answer.) I’m going to pass around these rocks. As soon as you get one, I want you to hold it up to your ear and listen carefully. Tell me if you hear anything. When you’re finished passing around

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Giving Our Best

5th Sunday in Lent From “Scolding the Snakes” Scripture Reference:Â John 12:1-8Â

Preparation: Bring a reproduction of a religious work of art (from a poster, book, or magazine). It would be nice if this were a biblical scene the students might recognize.

I’d like each of you to imagine that you are a famous artist. You’ve been practicing your drawing and painting for a long, long time. Now you can draw whatever you can picture in your mind. If you want to draw a

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Lost Dog

4th Sunday in Lent From “Scolding the Snakes” Scripture Reference:Â Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32Â Â

Preparation: Bring a poster or flyer with a picture and notice about a lost dog. Or make up your own poster for class.

Have any of you ever seen a paper like this posted in your neighborhood? (Hold up lost-dog poster for all children to see.) Can you see what it is? Why do people put these notices up? (Let children discuss the poster.)

When someone loses a pet they

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