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June 2024

Trinity Sunday and Family

Baabara has questions about the Holy Trinity. Do God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit treat each other well? What does it mean to be three-in-one? If God is the Father of us all, how should we treat each other? And when is a good time to read Winnie-the-Pooh?

Junk Food

For the 13th Sunday after Pentecost or Proper 18 (From “Saving the Ants.” Purchase book at left.) Scripture Reference:Â Psalm 119:37 Â

Preparation: Â Bring one candy bar along with a bowl of fruit to share. (Grapes make for tidy eating in church.)

Does anyone here ever eat junk food? What is junk food? Can you describe it or give some examples? (Wait for answers.) Yes, junk food is usually sweet or salty and crunchy, and we eat it just for fun. It

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Giving Our Best

5th Sunday in Lent From “Scolding the Snakes” Scripture Reference:Â John 12:1-8Â

Preparation: Bring a reproduction of a religious work of art (from a poster, book, or magazine). It would be nice if this were a biblical scene the students might recognize.

I’d like each of you to imagine that you are a famous artist. You’ve been practicing your drawing and painting for a long, long time. Now you can draw whatever you can picture in your mind. If you want to draw a

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Coming Clean

For the Fifth Sunday in Lent From “Sitting on the Rainbow” Scripture Reference:Â Psalm 51

Preparation: Bring a small bottle of vegetable or olive oil, a damp cloth, and soap.

Have you ever gotten oil on your hands and then tried to wash it off with water? Does the oil rinse off? (Let children respond.) No, it doesn’t come off with just water, does it? What else do you need to get oil off your hands? (Someone may offer the correct answer.) Right: you need

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Holy Name

For the Third Sunday in Lent

From “Sitting on the Rainbow” Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud Scripture Reference:Â Exod. 20:7

Does everyone here have a name? Names are important aren’t they? Everybody has a name. Let’s hear some of your names. (Let children respond.) How do you feel about your name? Do you like it? (Children may share.) You should feel good about your name. It is very precious. When you were just a tiny baby, you received your name. The best name for you that

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