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August 2013

Hands for Healing

Pentecost Proper 16; 14th Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture Reference: Luke 13:10-13

From “Scolding the Snakes”   healing-hands

Preparation: Bring heart-shaped stickers to hand out or a heart-shaped stamp and ink pad.

Good morning! I’d like everyone to raise your hands. Good! I see lots of hands in the air. Now put your hands down and look at them carefully. Really carefully. Your hands are very special. What can those hands do? Tell us some of the good things that you can do with your hands. (Let children describe different activities.) Our hands can tie shoelaces, plant seeds, pet kitty cats, write, and draw. Our hands can do so many good things.

Are hands able to do bad things, too? (Kids may respond.) What are some things that hands can do that are not so good? (Children can give examples.) It’s too bad that hands can be used for hitting or pushing people away or writing things that are mean.

Jesus knows how special and wonderful hands are, and he used his hands to do amazing things. The Gospel lesson for today talks about a wonderful thing that Jesus did with his hands. A woman came to see Jesus. The woman was all bent over and could not straighten up; she had been that way for eighteen years. And do you know what Jesus did with his hands? He put his hands on the woman and healed her. She straightened up right away, and she said, “Praise God! Thank you for healing me!”

Jesus often used his hands for healing. He knew how to use his hands to help people and to love people. I want to give each of you something to remind you today to use your hands in a loving way. (Place heart sticker or heart stamp on each child’s hand.) 

When you see this heart on your hand, remember how Jesus used his hands to heal people; remember how Jesus used his hands to help and comfort and touch those around him. Be thankful for your hands and use them like Jesus did.

Prayer:  Take our hands, Lord Jesus, and use them to do good, kind things for others.


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