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November 2013

Advent Skit Series

Advent Family Series

Cast: Mother, Father, Four Children

Advent Family Sunday 1  

Pastor: What is this Sunday? It’s the first Sunday in Advent. There are four Sundays in Advent and today is the first Sunday. What is Advent? It is a time of waiting. We’re getting ready for Christmas. It’s like a journey from here to Christmas.

There’s a family that needs some help getting ready for Christmas. We’re going to have to help this family get from where they are right now to where a star shines over a stable in Bethlehem. This family needs to get ready for Christmas, but do you know what? I don’t think that they even know that it’s time to begin!

The Bible readings this morning talked about being ready and waking up because Jesus is coming; but I have a feeling some people weren’t listening.

(Loud sound of snoring from the Advent Family.)

Do you hear something? Do you hear snoring? It looks like our Advent family is fast asleep. Can you help us wake them up? Everyone say at once, “Christmas is coming! It’s time to wake up!” (Kids join in and wake up the family. Repeat until the family wakes up.)

Someone go help our family up to the front of the church.

Dad: Why did you wake us up?

Kid 1: We were taking our nap.

Kid 2: What are we standing here for?

Kid 3: Can’t we go back to sleep?

Kid 4: Why is everyone staring at us?

Pastor: Don’t you know? It’s time to begin!

All: Begin what?

Pastor: The journey of the Advent Season!

Mom: Advent has started already?

Pastor: Yes! It’s the first Sunday in Advent. Take a look at your bulletin.

Dad: Let me see that. (Takes bulletin.) It’s true! Advent has begun. Christmas is almost here!

Kid 1: It snuck up on us!

Kid 2: Yeah! While we weren’t looking!

Mom: We haven’t had our Christmas portrait taken yet!

Dad: I’ve got to get those lights up!

Kid 1: I haven’t started making my Christmas presents.

Kid 2: (Pulls out long paper list.) And I’ve barely begun my Christmas list! I only got this far!

All: We’ll never make it in time! AAAUGH!

(Family members run in all directions, mumbling to themselves about the things they have to get done.)

Pastor: Our family just took off in different directions. Do you think they got a very good start on their Advent journey? No! Next Sunday we’ll get them all back together and start them on their journey again. I think they’ll do better next time.

I’ll see all of you next Sunday because I’ll need you to help me.

Advent Family Sunday 2

Pastor: It’s the second Sunday in Advent. How many candles do you see lit on the Advent wreath? Right. Two candles. Does Christmas still seem like it’s a long way off? It’s a long journey to Christmas, isn’t it?

How many of you have been on a long hike? Did you get tired? It helps to be in good shape if you’re going on a long trip.

(Enter Advent Family, in sweats, jogging.)

Pastor: It’s our Advent family! Welcome! Are you all getting ready for the Advent journey?

Dad: Yes! The Christmas season is so strenuous, we figured that if we want to make it all the way to Christmas, we’d better get in shape!

Kid 1: I feel better already.

Pastor: It looks like you’re all in pretty good shape now. Are you ready for the first part of our Advent journey?

All: We’re ready!

Kid 2: And raring to go!

Pastor: Okay. Here’s your route; you down the center aisle of the church, around back and up the side. Do you think you can make it that far?

Family: Sure! We can do that. Let’s go!

Pastor: Does anyone want to join them? Anyone you wants to jog with them can follow along.

(Family and kids jog around the church.)

Kid 1: That’s enough exercise!

Kid 2: I’m pooped!

Mom: Can we sit down and rest for a while?

Pastor: Good job! For a long journey, we do need to be in good shape physically, but for the journey of Advent, we really need to be in shape spiritually. Do you know how we get into shape spiritually? We pray, we talk to God, read the Bible and our devotions. Just as we make time to exercise our bodies, we need to make time to exercise our spirits. Advent is a good time to do this.

So, we need to exercise some more this morning. Let’s pray together.

Dear Jesus, please come into our hearts this Advent Season. Give us peace in your presence and make us strong in your love. Amen.

Advent Family Sunday 3

Pastor: It’s the third Sunday in Advent. How many candles do you see lit on the Advent wreath? Right. Three candles! Do you think that our Advent families are making good progress on their Advent journey to Christmas?

Do you remember what they were doing last week? They were getting into shape for their journey, weren’t they? Maybe they’re all set and they don’t need our help any more.

Well, if you were going to go on a long journey, what sorts of things would you have to bring? (Let kids respond.) Mary and Joseph had to go a long ways to Bethlehem. Do you think they had to bring some of those things?

What do we need to bring with us to the manger? What do we need to bring with us to Jesus? (Children can answer.) We don’t have to bring anything but our hearts and ask Jesus in.

Family: (Enter Advent family, all carrying oversize, heavy backpacks.)

Here comes our Advent family. They’re going to continue their journey to Christmas, but it looks like they’re all carrying very heavy loads. I don’t know if they’re going to make it. (Direct family around church and up to the front.) What do you think they’re going to have to do if they want to make it all the way to Christmas? (Kids respond.) Right. They’ll have to put down their burdens.

Pastor: It looks like you’re carrying some very heavy loads. Could you show us what you have in your backpacks?

Mom: My backpack is full of…… (improvise with some of your own ideas or use these:) invitations to all the Christmas parties I’ve been invited to; concerts and plays, etc.; all the decorations I need to put up around the house; patterns for the new Christmas outfits that I’m going to make for the whole family, etc. (Pull items out of your backpack as you name them.)

Pastor: And what is this heavy load called? I see there’s a label on your pack.

Mom: Yes. It’s called, “Distractions.”

Pastor: That looks pretty heavy. Would you like to set it down?

Mom: I sure would. (Set down your backpack and have a seat.)

Pastor: You sure have a big pack. What’s inside?

Kid 1: My backpack is full of my Christmas lists! Here’s one of them! (Pull out long list with writing on it.)

Pastor: Wow! That’s a long list. Is your backpack full of lists?

Kid 1: Yep! These are all the things I want for Christmas!

Pastor: What does it say on your backpack?

Kid 1: It says, “GREED.”

Pastor: That looks pretty heavy. Do you want to set it down?

Kid 1: Yes!

Pastor: What do you have there?

Kid 2: (Starts to pull out props and name items that other friends and relatives are getting for Christmas; things that Kid 2 wishes he or she could get. Examples follow:) Here are some CD’s that my cousin is getting for Christmas; I wish I could get that. These are some retired Beanie Babies that I don’t have in my collection but my friend is getting them. Here’s a picture of the bike that I know my brother is getting for Christmas; I wish I could have a bike that good. (Etc.; you can make up your own.)

Pastor: What does it say on the front of your backpack?

Kid 2: Jealousy.

Pastor: And how heavy is your pack?

Kid 2: Really heavy. Can I put this down?

Pastor: You certainly can. We have one more pack here. What are you carrying that is so heavy?

Dad: Let’s see. There’s a lot of stuff in here… (Start pulling props out of bag; things that represent materialism to you. For example:) Here are some of the toys that I need to get my kids for Christmas. This is the new video camera that I thought we needed. I have designer clothes, name brand shoes, jewelry………

Pastor: What does your label say?

Dad: This one says, “Materialism.” It is quite a load to carry and I would sure like to put this one down!

(Family members can add backpacks with labels of their own if desired.)

Pastor: Go right ahead! Now has everyone put down their loads? So, we should all have empty hands. Let’s fold our empty hands and say a prayer now.

Dear Jesus, we come to you with empty hands and waiting hearts. Teach our hands to let go of the heavy world and fill our hearts with your perfect peace. Amen.

You can all journey back to your places now.

Advent Family 4

Pastor: How many candles are lit on the Advent wreath now? 4 candles are lit now. We are beginning the 4th week of Advent. Christmas is not far away!

If you wanted to go on a long trip and you were not exactly sure of where you were going, what could you use to help you get there? (Kids can answer.) You could have a map or you could stop and ask for directions.

How did the shepherds find Jesus? Who gave them directions to the manger? (Kids can answer.) The angels told the shepherds. How did the wisemen find Jesus? (Wait for response.) The star showed them the way.

How do we find Jesus? We have a map; it’s a book that we read often in church. (Hold up Bible.) The Bible shows us the way to Jesus.

(Enter Advent family. All but the mom have bags on their heads.)

Pastor: Here comes our Advent family. It looks like they’re having some problems. They’re sort of wandering around. Where is… (the father) going? He looks lost.

Mom: Oh, we’ve been wandering around for a long time and he won’t stop and ask for directions.

Pastor: Can you go take him by the hand and lead him up this way?

(Mom goes and leads Dad up to the front. Kids and others are still wandering around with bags on their heads.)

What’s wrong here? Why do you suppose these folks are lost? (Kids will answer.) Yep. They have bags on their heads. Will some of you go help them? Do something for them. (Kids take bags off.)

Can you see better now?

Kid 1: That’s much better! I can see now!

Kid 2: No wonder we were lost!

Mom: Well, I think I’ve got a good map here to help. (Shows a self help book, ie. “The New Age Guide to Personal Enlightenment Through Dolphin Channeling.”)

Pastor: I think you’ve got the wrong book. Here’s a Bible. This will steer you the right way. (Pastor hands the Bible to the mother and father.)

Kid 1: But we still haven’t found Christmas!

Kid 2: We need a star!

Dad: I think this map will help. Isaiah 9:2, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. Those who dwelt in the land of deep darkness, on them has the light shined.”

Mom: John 12:46, “Jesus said, ‘I have come as light into the world, that whoever believes in me, may not remain in darkness.’”

Dad: I think we do have a star to guide us. We each have the light of Jesus in our hearts.

Pastor: It sounds like you know way to the manger and with God’s help, you will successfully complete your Advent journey. May God go with you and may all of us keep the miracle of Christmas in our hearts.

Thanks for helping all of us on our Advent journeys.

By Ruth Gilmore © 2002 – 2020 All Rights Reserved – Please ask for permission to use in your service. I would love to say, “Yes!”

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