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July 2017

Without a Doubt

Transfiguration Sunday

From “Saving the Ants” (Download book at left!) 

Scripture Reference: Matt. 17:1-8 and Luke 9:28-36

Preparation: Bring a lamp or flashlight with a translucent shade that allows a little, but not all, of the light to show through. Have the light shining as you begin your talk.  lamp_light

Do you know what this Sunday is? It isn’t Easter or Christmas, is it? No, but today we do celebrate a very important happening in Jesus’ life. Today is Transfiguration Sunday. One day Jesus took three of his disciples away from the crowds that usually followed Jesus around and they went on a long hike. Those four friends hiked up a big mountain and when they got to the top of the mountain, do you know what happened?

Jesus was transfigured in front of those disciples. His face shone like the sun and his garments were glowing white. Do you think the disciples were surprised? They’d never seen Jesus like this; usually he looked ordinary and human just like them. And Jesus was human, but his disciples knew he was also special. They knew that he was God’s own Son, the Savior of the world. But maybe they sometimes forgot just how powerful and amazing he was. Perhaps they doubted that he was the Son of God.

The disciples knew that Jesus was the Light of the world; he had told them so. They had seen in his life, words, and miracles, a glimpse of the glory of God. It was as if they were looking at a lamp with its light shaded from view, sort of like this lamp. (Show lamp with shade.) When Jesus was transfigured on the mountain, it’s as if the shade was taken away and the disciples could see the true brightness of God’s glory.

Well do you know what happened next? A bright cloud came over them and God’s voice came from the cloud and said, “This is my beloved Son, and I am fully pleased with him. Listen to him” (Matt. 17:5 NLT). Do you think those disciples had any doubts about who Jesus was at that moment? There was no doubt about it. Jesus was God’s Son. He was shining with heaven’s glory; God was speaking. There was no doubt.

This Sunday we remember what happened on that mountain, and we know without a doubt who Jesus really is. He is God’s own Son, the Savior of the world.

Prayer:  We praise you, Jesus, God’s own son, the Savior of the world. Remind us every day of your power and your glory. 

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