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May 2020

Ascension Sunday

Today is the seventh Sunday, the last Sunday of the Easter season. If you were going into the church, into the sanctuary for worship services, you would see the color white on the altar and the pulpit. The pastor might be wearing a white stole draped over the robe. White is the color of Easter. This is the last Sunday in the Easter season, and then comes the celebration of Pentecost. That’s when the color changes to red.


So the Easter season of the church year is still here. Jesus died and rose from the grave. Then he went up into heaven to be with God the Father again. When Jesus returned to heaven, it was called the “Ascension.” Before Jesus ascended, he promised his disciples that even though they would not see him with their eyes, he would be with them always in their hearts. The Holy Spirit would be with them to guide them and let them know that God was always with them.


On Ascension Day, Jesus went up, (or ascended) into heaven right before the disciples’ eyes, on Mount Olivet. And they were so amazed, that they stood there looking up, not moving for a long time. They didn’t move, in fact, until two angels, sent from God, spoke to them and asked them what they were doing. The angels assured them that Jesus would be back. He was not gone forever.

The disciples finally came down from the mountain and began to pray and to wait for the Holy Spirit to come to them.

It was hard for them to come down from that mountain, the last place that they were able to see their beloved Jesus. But they could not stay on the mountain forever. Jesus wanted them to tell the world about his love. Jesus had told them, “You will be my witnesses here in Jerusalem and all over the earth.”

Because those disciples did come down from the mountain, and did tell others about Jesus, the Gospel has reached every country and every language in the entire world. That is something to celebrate. And we can continue to spread the message of God’s love to all the people that we know.

Prayer: Thank you, Jesus, for always being with us, even when we cannot see you with our eyes. Help us to tell others about your love, all over the world. Amen.

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