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May 2021

Throw Off the Weights

All of us are in the race God has set before us—our lives are like a race. We try to do what God wants us to do as we walk through life. If we’re carrying around sin and anger and bad feelings, those things can slow us down just like the kids slowed down our racer. We can pray for God’s help to keep us from sin and anger and bad feelings, and we can let God’s forgiveness take away the weight of the sins we do commit. When we’ve finished the race and come to the end of our lives, what happens? (Let children answer.) Jesus is waiting for us, isn’t he? And the people who have gone on before us to heaven are there to cheer us on and encourage us to keep going.

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Don’t Look Back

It’s not always easy to follow Jesus. But it always helps to keep our eyes on him, to watch and pray so we see where he wants us to go. When we take our eyes off Jesus, when we forget about him, that’s when our lives start to go crooked.

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Creative Control

Jesus Walks on the Water Proper 14, Year A of the Revised Common Lectionary Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud Scripture Reference: Matthew 14:22-33 Preparation: bring some art supplies with you; ideally some modeling clay, but a pad of paper and some markers would work as well. Would anyone like to volunteer to be our artist this morning and create something? I am going to ask my artist to draw something that you think might be frightening to someone else. (Pick a volunteer artist and let

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