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July 2024

Sweet Temptation

Well, I’ve got something in my sack here that’s about this big. (Indicate with thumb and forefinger about one-half to one inch.) Do you think you’re stronger than something that big? Okay, I’ll show you what I have. Candies! No, I don’t want you to have a wrestling match with candy. I don’t want to see how strong these muscles are. (Indicate biceps.) I want to see how strong you are inside. We’re reading a lot of verses this Sunday about temptation. Does anyone know what temptation is?

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Parable of the Sower

This is a story that Jesus told to a huge crowd of people, and it is called “The Parable of the Sower.” A sower is someone who plants seeds. Many of the people in the crowd listening to Jesus were farmers. They knew a lot about seeds and soil and planting, so they were very interested in this story.

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Crossed Wires

We’re not robots, though, are we? We can’t blame our mistakes on crossed wires. We can’t claim that someone assembled us the wrong way. We’re children of God, and we want to do the right thing, but sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we do just the opposite of what we want to do.

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God’s Good Gifts

I have a delicious-looking [cupcake] here. Would anyone want to ask me for a bite of it? (Let kids respond.) You may think you want this [cupcake]; it looks good, doesn’t it? But I’m not going to give you a piece. I know something that you don’t. Let me cut the [cupcake] open so you can see what’s inside. (Cut the cupcake open on the cutting board to reveal the inedible insides.) Do you see why I didn’t give you what you asked for? God wants us to pray to him whenever we want anything, but we have to remember to trust that God knows what is best and will give us only things that would be good for us.

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Dodging the Arrows

Pentecost Proper 16 From “Sitting on the Rainbow” Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud Scripture Reference:Â Eph. 6:10-20Â

Preparation: You might bring an arrow or a picture of a soldier’s shield and armor to illustrate your talk.

Do you sometimes hear about wars that are being fought in our world today? (Let children respond.) It’s always sad to hear that a war is going on somewhere, but wars have been fought for a long time. Even two thousand years ago, when Jesus was walking around here

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Get Behind Me

For the Second Sunday in Lent From “Sitting on the Rainbow” Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud Scripture Reference: Mark 8:31-38

Preparation:Â You may bring along a photo of one of your best friends and be ready to tell the children about your friend.

Raise your hand if you have a really good friend—a best friend—that you like to play with. Can you tell me about one of your friends? What do you like about that friend? (Let several children describe one of their friends.)


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