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Kidsermons is Back!

JOEEwLambI’m sorry for the long delay in posting to Kidsermons. I’ve been working full-time as a teacher-librarian at a Christian K – 12 school here in Tokyo, and starting up a non-profit foundation called JOEE, “Joyful Opportunity English Education.” The website is up now at:  Take a look if you are interested in a ministry that brings active and entertaining English lessons to kids growing up in orphanages and children’s homes in Japan.IMG_0997

I will be posting a weekly video children’s sermon along with the text in case pastors would like to include it in their online weekly worship service broadcasts. Thank you for continuing to connect with your congregations remotely and keeping them safe by practicing social distancing during these difficult times dealing with a global pandemic.

Let me help you in any way that I can. I will try to respond to messages in a timely fashion, but I do have multiple responsibilities currently. I am also attempting to teach students, read stories and provide English instruction through JOEE all through the use of video conferencing and posted YouTube video links.

Keep logging in to for youth ministry resources! God bless you as you continue to safely care for your flock.

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