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August 2001

Clueing in the Clueless Princess (Luke 12:32)

Cast: Milo & Mercy (Muppet-style puppets), and Lioness (lion puppet)

Lioness: (Enters swathed in jewelry and rich decorations.)
I have lots of stuff, loads of stuff…oodles of stuff. How I love my stuff. I have jewels and money and crowns and robes and really expensive toenail clippers.

Milo: (Enters holding a tattered or hat or some other pitiful object.)
What a beautiful day! I have sunshine and fresh air and good friends and red hair! It’s a great day to be alive.

(Milo and Lion bump into eachother. Lion drops some of his riches. Milo drops his hat.)

Milo: Oh, excuse me. I didn’t see you there.

Lioness: Hey! Watch where you’re going! You made me drop my stuff!

(They each accidentally pick up something that belongs to the other.)

Milo: Here. This must belong to you. It sure isn’t mine.

Lioness: It certainly does belong to me. Hand it over.

Milo: You sure are a grumpy lion. I would think you’d be happy with all that stuff.

Lioness: My stuff is none of your business. (Holds up hat.) What is this pathetic little object? It does not belong to me.

Milo: Thanks for picking up my hat. (Takes hat.)

Lioness: That is a hat? Ha-ha-ha. You call that a hat? I suppose that’s the only hat you own. That is one sorry looking hat.

Milo: There’s nothing wrong with my hat. It does what a hat is supposed to do. It keeps the sun out of my eyes.

Lioness: Well, I have lots of hats, tons of hats…. oodles and piles of hats. A princess has to dress in style. A princess has to look her best. Her appearance is a reflection on her royal family.

But what am I doing standing here talking to the likes of you. I have important things to do with my stuff! Goodbye!

(Lioness Exits.)

Milo: Wow. A princess. She sure had a lot of stuff. And she sure was stuck up about it. Compared to her, I’ve got nothing at all. Nothing! Where’s my stuff? How come I don’t have lots of stuff?

(Mercy Me enters.)

Mercy: Hey Milo! How are you? Isn’t this a beautiful day?

Milo: Well, it was a beautiful day, but it’s turning into a rotten day.

Mercy: Milo, what’s wrong? You’re usually in such a good mood.

Milo: I just ran into a very rich, very conceited princess who reminded me that I was not royal like she was and that I had nothing… absolutely nothing. And now I feel like nothing. I’m not a prince or a king or anything and I don’t even have any stuff.

Mercy: But Milo, stuff isn’t important. People are important. Friends are important. But stuff doesn’t matter. It doesn’t last.

Milo: Sometimes it feels like it matters though.

Mercy: And Milo, did I hear you say that you were not a prince? Did you say that you are not royalty?

Milo: Of course I’m not a prince. Do I look like a prince? Do I live in a castle?

Mercy: No, Milo, you don’t live in a castle, but is your father a king?

Milo: I’m pretty sure my father is not a king.

Mercy: Milo, I mean your Father in heaven. You are a child of God, right? You believe in Jesus, right?

Milo: Yes, I do believe in Jesus. But how does that make me a prince.

Mercy: Your heavenly Father is the Almighty King. That makes you a prince.

Milo: Wow! I never thought of it like that! I’m a king’s kid.

Mercy: That’s right. We’re kids of the kingdom. The King of the Universe is even getting a place ready for us in heaven. When we come to the end of our lives here on earth, we get to stay with our Heavenly Father in heaven.

Milo: We even have a castle to live in! Wow! That’s wonderful. I guess all this stuff of the earth doesn’t really matter in the end.

(Lioness re-enters.)

Lioness: What do you mean stuff doesn’t matter?

Milo: Well, it doesn’t. Stuff doesn’t last forever. Nobody takes stuff with them when they die.

Lioness: But what about being a princess? That certainly is important, don’t you think?

Mercy: Yes, it is wonderful to be children of the King of the Universe!

Lioness: You two are royalty?

Mercy: Yes, we are.

Lion: Well, my daddy is king of the jungle!

Milo: Actually, lions hunt in the savannah; in the grasslands, not in the jungle.

Lioness: Whatever!

Mercy: Your daddy may be a king, but when you open your heart to Jesus, your daddy is King of Time and Eternity forever. We can all be kids of the kingdom.

Lioness: Wow, I did not know that. I’d like to hear more about this.

Milo: We can tell you lots more about it. And if you come to church and Sunday School, you’ll learn even more.

Lioness: Sounds interesting. I’ll be there.

(By Ruth Gilmore; copyright 2001.)

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