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July 2003

Never Cry “Wool”

(This script was used at a church camp called “Wolf Mountain.)

Summary: A sheep with many fears learns to trust the Good Shepherd, Jesus.

Cast: Baaa-Bara Ann; a silly little sheep with some very big worries… and You; a sensible, sensitive type who is willing to help a small sheep.


You: I’d like to tell you the story of The Boy Who Cried “Wolf.” This story is often called a ‘fable,’ because there is a moral at the end; a lesson that is taught by the story. The story of The Boy Who Cried “Wolf” is a very old story and it has been told in many countries…

Baaa-Bara: (Enters, running and out of breath:) Gorilla! Gorilla! Help there’s a huge, dangerous gorilla coming and I’m sure he’s going to eat me and all of the other sheep as well.

You: You’re interrupting my story, Baaa-Bra. Could it wait?

Baaa-Bara: No it can’t wait! There’s a huge gorilla headed this way!

Gorilla: (Small ape or monkey puppet appears and calmy stands waiting.)

You: Is this your huge gorilla?

Baaa-Bara: He looked bigger from a distance.

You: Well that’s funny, most things look smaller from a distance.

Baaa-Bara: Sorry. I won’t bother you again. (Aside, to the ape:) Well, I hope you’re happy! You sure made a monkey out of me!

(Exit Ape and Baaa-Bara.)

You: As I was saying before our little interruption, a fable is a story with a moral at the end. It has a lesson to teach about how to act towards others and how to behave properly in society.

Baaa-Bara: Help! Help! You’ve got to save me! I’m being followed!

You: What do you mean, you’re being followed?

Baaa-Bara: It’s a stalker! I know it is! He’s sitting over there on the hill and he’s looking at all of the sheep! He just sits there and looks at us, you know. Very suspicious.

You: Does he have a long stick in his hand that’s curved at the top?

Baaa-Bara: Yes! How did you know? Have you been followed by this same guy? He’s out to get us! We’d better run!

You: Baaa-Bara! Wait! That guy is a shepherd. As a matter of fact, I think he’s the one in charge of your flock. He’s there to take care of you.

Baaa-Bara: Well, yeah! I knew that. I was just testing you. And you passed. Congratulations. I think I’ll just mosey along and join the herd.

You: ‘Herd’ of sheep?

Baaa-Bara: Well, of course I’ve heard of sheep! I happen to be one, you know.

You: Yes, I know that, but it’s called a ‘flock’ of sheep, not a ‘herd.’

Baaa-Bara: Okay, flock. See ya. Bye-bye.

(Exit Baaa-Bara.)

You: Back to the story. Once upon a time, there was a boy who liked to cause lots of excitement in town. When he got tired of watching the sheep all day, he would come running into the market square, yelling, “Wolf! Wolf!” and pretend that a big wolf was attacking the sheep. Then the townspeople would run up into the hills to save the sheep and of, course, there would be no wolf there… one day a wolf finally did come, but by then, no one would believe him. And the moral is: Never cry wolf!

Baaa-Bara: (Enters shouting frantically.) Wool! Wool! I just heard that there was a huge ball of wool headed this way! It’s going to decimate the entire camp! And what’s worse, I’m allergic to wool! Ah-choo!

You: But, Baa-Bara, you’re covered with wool. Wool is what sheep grow all over their bodies.

Baaa-Bara: No wonder I’m sneezing all the time.

You: Are you sure you’re not supposed to be crying “WOLF!”

Baaa-Bara: Why, why would I be afraid of a wolf?

You: Because… wolves eat sheep.

Baaa-Bara: No they don’t! They only eat cupcakes. That’s what I heard anyways.

You: No, they eat sheep.

Baaa-Bara: They don’t!

You: They do!

Baaa-Bara: They don’t!

You: They do!

Baaa-Bara: No way!

You: It’s true!

Baaa-Bara: Eat me?

You: Lamb stew.

Baaa-Bra: Ah-choo!

You: Bless you.

Baaa-Bara: When then what’s all this garbage about cupcakes?

You: Who told you that wolves only eat cupcakes?

Baaa-Bara: Just this morning, I was hiking up to the top of Wolf Mountain and I met a big, furry, long-legged dog and he told me…

You: That was a wolf!

Baaa-Bara: No! It was a dog; he said so. He even told me his breed.

You: Okay, what kind of dog was it?

Baaa-Bara: He was a Chihuaua, from Mexico.

You: Now I know it was a wolf.

Baaa-Bara: Why are you so smart all of a sudden?

You: Because Chihuauas are tiny little dogs with very short hair.

Baaa-Bara: Well, maybe he was a very big Chihuaua. I know he was from Mexico cuz he spoke Spinach to me.

You: You mean Spanish.

Baaa-Bara: That’s what I said.

You: Ok, well what did he say to you in Spanish?

Baaa-Bara: He said, “Bonjour.”

You: That’s French, not Spanish.

Baaa-Bara: Oh. (Stops to think about it) Oh boy… (Starts to shake.) You mean to tell me that I was out there talking to a real, live, big hairy wolf?

You: Yep. Fraid so. He sure pulled the wool over your eyes.

Baaa-Bara: Well that explains the puddle of drool! I thought that perhaps he was just teething. He ran off when he saw the shepherd. Uh, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to have to faint. (Baaa-Bara falls over.)

You: Baaa-Bara! Are you okay? She’s out cold. Does anyone have a glass of water? (Shaking the sheep…) Baa-bara!

Baa-bara: Sorry. I just get so nervous and scared about everything. Do you think I worry too much?

You: Yes, I think you do. You do know that you have a Good Shepherd who cares about you and is always watching over you?

Baa-bara: Yes, I know that Jesus is the Good Shepherd; but sometimes I guess I forget to trust Him.

You: You really don’t have to worry about giant gorillas or huge balls of wool; Jesus will take care of you.

Baa-bara: But doesn’t Jesus tell his disciples in Matthew 10:16, “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

You: You’re right. The world can be a dangerous place, but Jesus has promised to be with us always, to protect us from the wolves of the world. Jesus tells his disciples; and this is the last verse in the book of Matthew; “I am with you always, even to the very end of time.”

Baa-bara: That is very helpful. I will remember that. You know, if I don’t have to spend so much time worrying about things, I’ll have enough time to take up a hobby… like knitting!

You: That’s a great idea. You’ll have no shortage of wool!

Baa-bara: That’s for sure. I think I’ll get started right away. Thanks for talking. Bye-bye! (Sheep exits.)

You: Bye Baa-bara. Goodbye everyone. (Exit)

(By Ruth Gilmore; copyright 2001.)

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