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January 2010

A Gift for Faithful Lamb

Title: A Gift for Faithful Lamb

Text: Matt. 10: 40- 42

Cast: Faithful Lamb, Billy the Kid and Lamb Borgeeny

Narrator: That short Gospel reading, has a BIG lesson in it. Do you remember what Jesus said? How does Jesus want us to show our love to him?….Today Billy the Kid, Faithful Lamb and a new sheep named Lamb Borgeeny are going to help us understand what Jesus said.

(Enter Billy the Kid, carrying some grass. He arranges it carefully while he hums to himself. Soon, Lamb Borgeeny appears and eyes the grass hungrily.)

Lamb Borgeeny: Oh, that grass really looks good! Who is it for?

Billy: It’s for my best friend, Faithful Lamb. I picked it especially for him; the very best and greenest grass!

Lamb Borgeeny: It looks delicious…

Billy: That’s because it is delicious. Um… could you back up a bit. You’re starting to get drool on my grass.

Lamb Borgeeny: Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to drool, it’s just that… Well… I’m very hungry and I’ve been looking and looking for food. Now I’m so weak from hunger that I don’t know what to do!

Billy: You really DO need something to eat, don’t you?

Lamb Borgeeny: Yes, I do. I’m feeling really b-a-a-a-a-d!!

Billy: Hmmmm…uh…but, if I give my specially picked grass to you, then I won’t have any when Faithful Lamb comes to visit. But then again, Faithful has always shared with us, so I think I’ll share with you. Here you are! (Billy hands over the grass.)

Lamb Borgeeny: Oh, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! (Begins to eat voraciously, pausing to comment, etc. After a moment, Faithful Lamb appears.)

Billy: Oh hello, Faithful Lamb. I have a present for you!
(The grass gift has been completely eaten up.)

Lamb Borgeeny: That was delicious! I feel much stronger now.

Billy: I mean, I HAD a present for you. See, I was bringing you some grass for a special treat, but poor Lamb Borgeeny here was so hungry that I gave it to her instead. Now I don’t have anything to give you. Sorry about that!

Faithful Lamb: Billy, what you did makes me very, very happy! Thank you so much for that WONDERFUL gift that you gave to me.

Billy: Huh ? But I didn’t give you anything!

Faithful Lamb: Yes, you did! Giving something to someone who needs it is the best thing you can give to me.

Billy: You mean that giving my gift to Lamb Borgeeny was as good as giving it to you?

Faithful Lamb: That’s right. You did exactly the right thing and I am proud of you! Follow me, both of you. I’d like to lead you beside some green pastures and still waters.

Lamb Borgeeny: That would be just the thing to restore my soul. (They exit together, following Faithful Lamb.)

NARRATOR: So, what was the lesson that you learned? (Let children answer.) Yes, what we do for others is what we do for JESUS! Let’s pray….

Creation Date: June 26, 2005
Author: Marlice Gilmore; adapted by Ruth Gilmore Ingulsrud

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