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August 2013

Saving Up Bubbles

Pentecost Proper 13; 11th Sunday after Pentecost

From “Scolding the Snakes”

Scripture Reference: Luke 12:13-21  Childhood past time

Preparation: Bring a bottle of bubble liquid, a bubble-blowing wand, and a large opaque bag, such as a black garbage bag.

I brought a bottle of bubble mix with me this morning. (Hold up the bottle of bubble liquid and the wand so kids can see them.) I want to blow lots of bubbles, and I want to keep them all for myself. I brought a big bag to keep them in. (Start blowing bubbles into bag.) See all my bubbles? They’re all mine. I’m rich! And after I fill this bag with bubbles, I’ll get more and more bags and save more and more bubbles for myself. I’ll be the richest bubble owner in the world. (Blow more bubbles into bag, then squeeze it shut.)

Would you like to see all the bubbles I’ve saved? (Open bag to show kids without looking yourself.) Can you count all my bubbles? So many that you can’t even count them, right? (Children will observe that the bag is empty.) What! Where did all my precious bubbles go? Did you take them? Did someone steal my bubbles? (Let kids respond.) They popped? You mean I blew all those bubbles for nothing? All my riches are gone. I just as well could have shared my bubbles with you, then, I guess. Then we all could have enjoyed them.

You know, this all reminds me of a parable that Jesus once told. He wanted to teach a lesson to a couple of brothers who were fighting over money. In Jesus’ story, there was a rich man who had lots and lots of grain from his farm—so much grain that he couldn’t fit it into his barns. He decided to tear down his barns and build bigger ones. He didn’t think to share his riches. He wanted to save it only for himself. But this story turned out a little like my bubble collection. Just when the rich man had stored up more and more grain, he suddenly died. All that grain—all those riches—didn’t do him any good at all. He couldn’t take the riches with him.

Do you think that man would have been happier if he had shared his food and riches with people around him? What else might he have done with all his riches? (Let kids answer.) He could have made a lot of people happy. He could have made God happy. All of us have riches and special things we can share with others. What are some things we can share? (Let kids answer.) We can share our toys and our money. We can do good things for each other and help our neighbors. We can even share our smiles and our friendship.

You know, I would have much more fun sharing my bubbles with all of you rather than trying to save them in a bag. (Blow some bubbles.) God gives us good gifts so we can share them with others. Thanks for sharing my bubbles with me before they disappeared.

Prayer:  Lord, teach us to share the riches that you give us.


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