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November 2013

Life from Death

Pentecost Proper 27; 25th Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture Reference: Luke 20:27-38

From “Scolding the Snakes”   



Preparation: Bring a growing plant to show and some seeds to pass out to the children.

The Gospel lesson for today talks about a group of people called Sadducees. Sadducees were Jews who believed that there was no life after death. Is that the same as what we believe? (Let children answer.) No. We know that God is preparing a place for us in heaven; and when we die, we go to be with Jesus.

It’s easy to remember the Sadducees and what they believe, because their name describes how they must feel. It would be very sad to think that there is no life after death. So the Sadducees are very sad, you see—Sadducee!

Jesus told the Sadducees that God’s children are raised up to new life when they die. When we reach the end of our life here on Earth, it may look like everything is over. But our life in heaven with Jesus is just beginning.

(Show plant and let children examine it as you describe it.) I brought a live plant with me this morning. It’s green; it has leaves and roots. It is plain to us that the plant is alive. I also brought some seeds with me. (Show seeds. Let children hold them.) These seeds are hard and gray. I don’t see any roots or leaves. These seeds look dead. What would happen if we had a funeral for them and buried them in the ground? (Let children answer.) They would start to grow, wouldn’t they? We would soon see life springing from what we thought was dead.

It’s the season of fall now. Plants are withering; leaves are falling. But even though the flowers and leaves are disappearing, we know what will happen come spring. The leaves will bud, and the flowers will return. In the same way, Christians know that death is not the end. We look forward to going to heaven to be with Jesus after we die. We aren’t “sad, you see.” We are happy because Jesus lives, and we look forward to living forever with Jesus.

Prayer:  Jesus, thank you for being with us now, and thank you for letting us live with you forever.

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