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March 2016

Out of the Shell and Into the Light

Out of the Shell into the Light

Biblical Reference: Matthew 5:13 – 15  Snelly and Joel

A conversation with a snail:

Pastor speaks to a puppet snail who is pulled most of the way into its shell.

Me: Hey, Snelly! How are you doing this morning?

Snelly: I’m fine. As long as I can stay inside my shell, I’m fine.

Me: Are you going to stay in there all day? Aren’t you going to come out and be part of the worship service this morning?

Snelly: I don’t think so. It’s much safer in here, inside my shell. So if you’ll excuse me… (starts to pull back into his shell).

Me: Wait, Snelly. If you pull back into your shell and just stay there all day, you’ll miss out on a lot of fun things. Life happens here in the light. Jesus calls us to step into the light.

Snelly: Hey, I’m just trying to protect myself here. I can pull myself into my shell where it’s dark and I am protected.

Me: But, Snelly, you are already protected. Jesus is your Good Shepherd.

Snelly: You ever seen a shepherd with a flock of snails? No. I don’t need a shepherd. I’ve got a shell.

Me: Yes, Snelly, you’ve got a shell, but if you stay in your shell all the time, afraid of the world outside, then you are really just a prisoner.

Snelly: A prisoner?

Me: Yes, you are trapping yourself inside your shell in the dark where all you can do is sit and hide and let life pass you by.

Snelly: What else can I do? I’m a snail!

Me: You can look to the light. Trust God to take care of you and don’t be afraid. Life is to be lived! You are not meant to hide in your shell in the dark your whole life.

Snelly: Well, it is kinda boring. Not much to see inside my shell. Can I really trust God to take care of me?

Me: God will take care of you. Psalm 27 says, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” God is your light and God is your stronghold; stronger than your own shell.

Snelly: Ok, I guess I can slide out into the light. I will BE the light in this world. Just don’t ask me to be salt. Snails don’t especially like salt. With Jesus’ help, I will be a light.

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