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April 2017

The Empty Egg; an Easter Puppet Show

An original Kidsermons Puppet Show based on (John 20 : 1 – 18)

Cast: Mercy (Muppet-style puppet), Frannie Funzle (a Funzle), Kit Fox (a fox puppet with a clerical collar) and Gloria (a goose puppet), Gosling (a baby duckling puppet) and a human usher.

Props: 3 Easter egg baskets, empty shell of a real egg in one of the Easter baskets

Original Cast:  Mercy: Betsy  Frannie: Jill  Gloria: Ruth  Kit Fox: Pastor Teresa  Gosling: Elsa  Usher: Karen


Mercy(Enters holding a basket of Easter eggs.)  Just look at all the eggs I found! How egg-citing! What a great Easter egg hunt that was!

Frannie Funzle: (Enters also holding a basket of eggs.) Egg-sactly! There were eggs all over! And lots of little kids running around too. And they were kind of in the way! I had to push a few of them aside just to get at my eggs.

Mercy:  Frannie Funzle! You are not supposed to push the kids away. Those eggs are especially for the little kids! It is the only time in the year that they get to run around and find eggs, you know. And aren’t you a little old for Easter egg hunts?

Frannie Funzle: Too old? Just what are you implying? One is never too old to have fun! And anyways, you joined in the egg hunt! And you’re no spring chicken yourself.

Gloria: (Starts to holler off-stage…) Where is it? It’s missing! I can’t find it anywhere…

Mercy:  Hey! Speaking of spring chickens, here comes Gloria N. Eggshells!

Frannie: She is not a chicken. She is a goose. And she looks very upset.

Gloria: (Enters, pacing back and forth; frantically looking for something.) Oh woe is me! Woe is me!

Mercy:  Whoah there Gloria! Whoah! Slow down. What’s wrong?

Gloria:  I am looking for my egg!

Frannie:  Of course you’re looking for an egg. It’s Easter and everyone is looking for an egg.

Gloria:  You don’t understand. I am looking for MY egg! MY egg! Someone stole my egg!

Frannie:  Oh stop being so hysterical. There are enough Easter eggs for everyone. And they don’t just belong to you. “My egg” indeed! And don’t go looking in my Easter basket either. I found these eggs fair and square. Well, they’re not square really. They’re more of an elongated sphere actually, but you know what I mean.

Mercy:  Frannie, I don’t think poor Gloria is talking about Easter eggs.

Gloria:  Egg-sactly! I am not interested in your plastic Easter eggs. I am looking for MY egg, and I do not lay plastic eggs! Do you have plastic children? Really now! What were you thinking?

Frannie: Well, where did you last see your egg?

Gloria:  I laid my lovely egg about four weeks ago in a lovely little basket nest filled with soft grass. This morning, I got up to eat a few luscious snails and when I returned the entire nest was gone and with it… MY EGG!

Mercy:  Oh dear! You must be egg-cedingly sad!

Frannie: And egg-ceptionally upset!

Mercy:  Must be egg-crutiating!

Frannie:  Oooh. That’s a good one… let me see… and egg-cessively troubled!

Gloria:  Will you two stop it with the egg jokes! This is serious! My egg is missing and you two are trying to top each other with egg jokes.

Frannie:  You are absolutely right, Gloria. There is simply no egg-cuse for our behavior!

Mercy:  (Laughing.) “Egg-scuse.” Oh that’s a good one! You crack me up!

Gloria:  Will you quit egging her on?!

Mercy and Frannie:  “Egging her on!” (Mercy and Frannie start laughing again.)

Gloria:  Oh great! Now you’ve got me doing it! Are you going to help me find my egg or not?! (Starts to cry.) My lovely egg is gone!

Frannie:  We’re very sorry, Gloria. Oh course we’ll help you look for your egg.

Kit Fox:  Happy Easter everyone! Look at all the eggs I found! Isn’t it EGG-citing? Get it? EGG-citing? …. What? Why the long faces?

Mercy:  Kit Fox, Gloria has lost her egg… her own egg.

Frannie: Yes, the one she laid about a month ago in a basket-shaped nest on a bed of soft grass.

Kit Fox:  Well, I’ve been eating lots of eggs this morning! And they have been delicious!

Gloria:  You insensitive brute! You ate my egg! You devoured my baby!

Kit Fox:  Wait just a minute. There is no way that I would ever eat an 28 day-old egg! I only eat fresh eggs. And, for your information, I only eat un-fertilized eggs.

Mercy:  What does UN-fertilized mean?

Frannie: Never mind dear. I’ll explain it to you when you’re older.

(Usher enters from back of church with a basket containing an empty egg shell.)

Usher:  Is anyone missing a basket? I found this one outside with just an empty eggshell inside.

Gloria:  My nest! You found my nest. But the egg… it’s been cracked open and it’s empty. The egg is empty. All is lost!

Kit Fox:  Gloria! Wait! Don’t cry. All is not lost. That’s wonderful news. The egg is empty!

Frannie:  How can you be so callous and insensitive? You, sir, are a callous and callow Cadbury cad! And a scoundrel. She finds her lost egg and it’s empty! Her baby has been stolen and you say this is Good News? What is wrong with you?

Kit Fox:  I went to seminary! And I paid attention in Biology class! I can tell you why this is Good News and why it is a perfect event for Easter Sunday. The empty egg! It’s just like the empty tomb.

Gloria:  You’d better explain yourself Kit Fox!

Kit Fox: Early Sunday morning, the Bible tells us that two women went to the tomb of Jesus, expecting to find the tomb all closed up and the body of Jesus inside. They thought he was dead. But when they got to the tomb, it was cracked open… sort of like your egg, Gloria, and there was no body inside.

Gloria:  Someone stole the body?!

Kit Fox: No, no. That’s just what the women thought too, but then an angel appeared and explained that Jesus had risen. He is alive! That is the message of Easter. The tomb is empty and Jesus is alive.

Gloria:  So that means that my egg is empty because….

Gosling: (Appears near Gloria.) Peep! Peep! Mama?

Gloria:  My baby! My little hatchling!

Gosling:  Mama! Peep!

Gloria:  You’re alive! Oh Happy Easter my little peeper! Happy Easter everyone!

Kit Fox:  The Lord is risen!

All: He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!

(Music plays; puppet dance and exit.)

3 comments to The Empty Egg; an Easter Puppet Show

  • Christine Hill

    This is a really good script. I like it as its not too wordy sort of shorter and snappier. We use puppets in schools so that is good. It is also very humorous which always gets message across well and keeps the attention but the message is more thoughtful to close with which hopefully will stick in minds a little more.
    Great stuff – thanks

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