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June 2024

Oh My Goodness! A Fruit of the Spirit!

What happens to a pumpkin that has just a small bad spot on it? What is it like inside? Hamlet the pig learns about another part of the “Fruit of the Spirit,” goodness. If we ignore the little things that are bad in our hearts, we put our whole selves at risk. But what Hamlet really wants to know is… how soon can we make that pumpkin pie?! Join us in the pumpkin patch for a look at goodness. — Galatians 5:22-23

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Separation Anxiety

Year A – Proper 12

Scripture Reference: Romans 8:35 – 39

Separation – by Edvard Munch

Have you ever gotten separated from your parents? Maybe in a crowded place, you turned around and suddenly they were gone? And you looked all around, and couldn’t see them anywhere? Getting separated from the people you love can be very scary.

And right now, with a dangerous virus lurking about, we are being told to stay separated from friends and classmates. We are even supposed

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St. Michael’s Day or “Mikaelmaas” Children’s Sermon (September)

St. Michael’s Sunday (near Sept. 29); “The Dragon and God’s Children” 

Daniel 6:16-22 & Revelation 12:7-12

Preparation: Bring a visual such as a dragon puppet, stuffed animal or picture to help the children see what a dragon is like.

Can anyone describe a dragon to me? What does a dragon look like and how does it behave? (Let the children tell about their ideas and images of dragons.) Can you find flying, fire-breathing dragons in any part of our world? (Children may respond.) They are

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