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July 2024

Dry Bones

Ezekiel was given this dream to show him that God could do anything. The people of Israel were alive, but they felt very sad inside. They had stopped listening to God. It was as if their spirits were dead, like those dry bones. God sent the prophet Ezekiel to them to bring their hope and their spirits back to life. Sometimes we feel sad and far away from God. We may feel like the Lord doesn’t hear our prayers. We don’t have to stay that way, far away from God like a dry bone. God wants us to be alive in him, full of the Holy Spirit and happy to be children of God. If we open our hearts and lives to him, the Spirit of God will come whooshing into our lives again.

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Mysterious Transformation

The chrysalis is a little bit like the tomb where Jesus was buried. When Jesus was laid in that tomb and the big stone was rolled in front of the entrance, everyone thought that was the last they’d see of Jesus. No one expected life to come out of that place of death. But after three days, God raised Jesus to new life. A transformed Jesus came out of that tomb, more alive than he had ever been before.

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Sitting on the Rainbow

For the First Sunday in Lent From “Sitting on the Rainbow” Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud

Scripture Reference:Â Gen. 9:8-17

Preparation: Bring a picture of a rainbow or of Noah’s ark with the rainbow above it. You may also bring candy in rainbow colors to hand out at the end of the sermon.

Raise your hands if you’ve ever seen a rainbow. Can you tell me what a rainbow looks like? (Choose a volunteer to describe a rainbow.) Rainbows are beautiful, aren’t they? What is the

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