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September 2023

Follow the Star

Sunday of the Epiphany Adapted from “Barefoot in the Snow” Scripture Reference:Â Matt. 2:1-2; 9-12Â

How many of you have seen a searchlight shining in the night sky? (Let children respond.) Those lights are meant to lead people to a certain spot in the city. If a store is having a grand opening or if there is a big sale on cars at a dealership, a searchlight might be set up in the parking lot. The bright light can be seen all over town.

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Dirt and Dross

Second Sunday of Advent From “Scolding the Snakes” Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud Scripture Reference:Â Mal. 3:2-3 and Phil. 1:6-11

Preparation: Cover a piece of smooth jewelry (a gold or silver heart would be perfect) with mud or clay so that it is hidden inside the lump. Also bring a towel and bowl of water for cleaning the jewelry.

How many candles are lit on the Advent wreath now? (Let kids count.) Two candles! It’s the second Sunday in Advent. This is a time of getting

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Wisdom Bread

Pentecost Proper 15 From “Sitting on the Rainbow” Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud Scripture Reference:Â Prov. 9:1-6, 10

Preparation: Bring a loaf of bread to distribute among the children. You may package it in a bag labeled “Wisdom Bread.

Can anyone tell me what “wisdom” means? Can you make wisdom? Can you give someone else wisdom? (Allow children to respond.) Let me read some verses to you from the Bible book of Proverbs:

Wisdom has built her house, she has set up her seven pillars. .

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What Does Pentecost?

Summary: Mercy Me is worried about Sunday because she does not know what Pente costs. Milo and his French friend, Pierre, explain that a free gift was given at Pentecost; the preaching power of the Holy Spirit.

Cast: Mercy and Milo (muppet-style puppets), Annmarie and Pierre (puppet with a French accent)


Mercy:Â (Enters looking down and counting…) One, two, three, four, five… oh boy. I don’t think I have enough.

Milo: Umm. Mercy Me? What are you doing?

Mercy: I’m counting my money. I

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Fool for Christ

Palm Sunday/ April Fool’s Day 1 Cor. 4:10 – 13

Preparation: Bring or wear part of a clown costume; even a red clown nose would suffice to help illustrate the sermon.

What does a clown look like? Serious or silly? Do they wear normal clothes? How do they act? (Let children share their responses, and as you discuss how they look and act, you can add elements of the clown costume to yourself.) Do I look more like a clown now?

If I walked around

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Look Up

For the Fourth Sunday in Lent From “Sitting on the Rainbow” Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud Scripture Reference: Numbers 21:4-9 and Ephesians 2:8

Preparation: Bring a cross to hold up so that the children can look up to it.

How many of you can remember a time when you felt very sick? (Children can raise their hands or respond.) Have you ever felt so sick and weak that you couldn’t get out of bed? Or so sick that you could hardly move at all?


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Come to the Waters

For the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost or Proper 13 From “Saving the Ants” Scripture Reference: Isa. 55:1-5

Have you ever been to a state fair or a big festival where there are booths selling food of every kind? Sometimes the people working in the booths will yell out to those passing in the street and try to get some more customers. “Hot dogs! Foot-long hot dogs! Come and get your hot dogs!” or “Ice-cold snow cones! Satisfy your thirst! Lemon, strawberry, grape! Get your

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Shepherd and Door

From Saving the Ants by Ruth Gilmore For the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Scripture Reference: John 10:1-10 “I am the gate for the sheep… Those who come in through me will be saved.”

Preparation: (Optional) You can bring a picture of Jesus as the Shepherd or point out a picture in the church. Show your illustration after asking the children if they know who the Good Shepherd is. Pick your volunteer ‘wolf’ out ahead of time.

Who is the Good Shepherd? Can anyone

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A Gift for Faithful Lamb

Title: A Gift for Faithful Lamb

Text: Matt. 10: 40- 42

Cast: Faithful Lamb, Billy the Kid and Lamb Borgeeny

Narrator: That short Gospel reading, has a BIG lesson in it. Do you remember what Jesus said? How does Jesus want us to show our love to him?….Today Billy the Kid, Faithful Lamb and a new sheep named Lamb Borgeeny are going to help us understand what Jesus said.

(Enter Billy the Kid, carrying some grass. He arranges it carefully while

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Reformation Sunday Children’s Sermon

Reformation Sunday; “Saved by Grace”

Ephesians 2:8-9


If you were on a big ship in the middle of the ocean, and you fell overboard, what might the captain of that ship do when she or he saw that you had fallen into the sea? What would the captain do? Would she tell you to start swimming and point in the direction of land? (Let children consider this and answer.)

Do you think the captain, seeing that you were drowning in the ocean, might say

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