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November 2012

The Gift of Children

Pentecost Proper 27

From “Sitting on the Rainbow”

Artwork by Elsa Ingulsrud

Scripture Reference: Psalm 127

Preparation: Place a mirror in a fancy box that can be opened easily. Put a big beautiful bow on top of the box.

Would you like to see a very precious gift? If you look inside this gift box, you will see something so valuable it could never be replaced. It is something priceless; something that all the money in the world cannot buy. You’ll notice that I am being very careful with this gift. It deserves to be handled with care. What you will see inside the box cannot be found anywhere else in the universe.

If you would like to see the gift, raise your hand. I will bring the box around so that you can see the very special gift. (Remove the lid and then take the box around to each child and let them look into the mirror in the box. Hold the box carefully so that each child will see his or her own face in the mirror. After you’ve done this, continue the discussion.)

Do you see something that is very valuable and worthwhile? What did I have inside this box? (Let children answer.) Yes, there is a mirror in the box. And when you looked into the mirror, who did you see? You saw yourself, didn’t you? Did you know that you are a precious and valuable gift?

In Psalm 127, the Bible says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him” (v. 3 NLT). You are a gift from God! Our Father in heaven certainly does give wonderful gifts, doesn’t he? Your parents are very happy to have received you as a gift from God; and your church family is also happy that you are here!

How do you think we should treat a priceless gift? Should we handle the gift roughly or toss it around or throw it in the back of our closet? No! Precious gifts should be handled with care and love. They should be treated with respect.

Because you are wonderful gifts from God, you deserve to be treated with respect. If someone is hurting you or making you feel bad or worthless, that should stop. You can tell a grownup whom you trust about the hurt, and they’ll help to stop it. If anyone tells you that you are worthless or good-for-nothing, should you believe him or her? Definitely not! I know and you know and Jesus knows that you are a very precious gift.

God loves you very much, and you should love yourself, too, because God made you with love. Always remember that you are a priceless gift.

Prayer:  Dear Father in heaven, thank you for each of these wonderful children. May we always treasure them as the precious gifts that they are, sent to us from you. Help these children always remember, too, that they are valuable in your sight.

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