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August 2013

Give It Away

I have here a penny. This is my penny. And I have one penny for each of you. (Hold out other pennies and hand one to each child.) Now if I told you that I really loved this penny, and that I had a special place for it to sit at my house, and that I held my penny every day and sang to it and kissed it, what would you think about that? (Kids may respond.) That would be pretty weird, wouldn’t it? I shouldn’t be spending my love on a penny.

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Hands for Healing

Jesus knows how special and wonderful hands are, and he used his hands to do amazing things. The Gospel lesson for today talks about a wonderful thing that Jesus did with his hands. A woman came to see Jesus. The woman was all bent over and could not straighten up; she had been that way for eighteen years. And do you know what Jesus did with his hands? He put his hands on the woman and healed her. She straightened up right away, and she said, “Praise God! Thank you for healing me!”

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Throw Off the Weights

All of us are in the race God has set before us—our lives are like a race. We try to do what God wants us to do as we walk through life. If we’re carrying around sin and anger and bad feelings, those things can slow us down just like the kids slowed down our racer. We can pray for God’s help to keep us from sin and anger and bad feelings, and we can let God’s forgiveness take away the weight of the sins we do commit. When we’ve finished the race and come to the end of our lives, what happens? (Let children answer.) Jesus is waiting for us, isn’t he? And the people who have gone on before us to heaven are there to cheer us on and encourage us to keep going.

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Ready for the Knock

If Jesus suddenly showed up at your house and knocked on your door, what would you do? You’d jump up and open the door, right? Well, I brought some tiny lamps with me today. These little candles can be our lamps—even though they’re not lit—and we’ll pretend that we’re waiting for Jesus to knock on that door. (Point to nearby door.) I want everyone to hold onto your candles and close your eyes. When you hear a knock, open your eyes, run to the door, and pretend to let Jesus in. Let’s try it. (Give signal for knock. Let children run to open the door.)

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Saving Up Bubbles

I would have much more fun sharing my bubbles with all of you rather than trying to save them in a bag. (Blow some bubbles.) God gives us good gifts so we can share them with others. Thanks for sharing my bubbles with me before they disappeared.

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