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June 2024

Recognizing Jesus

Summary: A retelling of the “Road to Emmaus” story. 

Cast: Cleopas, Simon, Jesus

Stage Directions: Prop buildings, trees and signs should slowly travel in opposite direction behind the walking puppet characters to simulate traveling.


Cleopas: Simon, if we don’t get started soon, we’ll never make it to Emmaus before dark…. Simon…. I’m going to have to leave without you if you don’t hurry.

Simon: (Offstage) Hey, wait, Cleopas! It’s hard to get ready when my head hurts. And it’s hard to see what I’m

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Perfectly Saved

Summary: An argument about perfection leads to the realization that no one is perfect enough to earn their way into heaven, but because God sent Jesus to redeem us, it is by God’s action that we receive eternal life.

Cast: Kit Fox, a red fox puppet with a long tail; Gloria, a silly goose; Snelly, a large snail.

Kit:Â (Appears as music ends; keeps singing song and dancing around.) Man those tunes really rock. This was a great idea having a courtyard concert. I love

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Never Cry “Wool”

(This script was used at a church camp called “Wolf Mountain.)

Summary: A sheep with many fears learns to trust the Good Shepherd, Jesus.

Cast: Baaa-Bara Ann; a silly little sheep with some very big worries… and You; a sensible, sensitive type who is willing to help a small sheep.


You: I’d like to tell you the story of The Boy Who Cried “Wolf.” This story is often called a ‘fable,’ because there is a moral at the end; a lesson that is taught

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The Color of Friendship

Gloria: Good evening and welcome. I’m so glad to see all of you here and I hope that you brought some friends and family and neighbors. I brought some friends with me tonight. Would you like to meet them?

Mercy Me come on out here and say “hello!”

Mercy: Well, Mercy Me! Look at all my friends who decided to come!

Gloria: These are all your friends?

Mercy: Of course, they’re mine. Whose did ya think they were?

Gloria: You don’t know all these people,

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Clueing in the Clueless Princess (Luke 12:32)

Cast: Milo & Mercy (Muppet-style puppets), and Lioness (lion puppet)

Lioness:Â (Enters swathed in jewelry and rich decorations.) I have lots of stuff, loads of stuff…oodles of stuff. How I love my stuff. I have jewels and money and crowns and robes and really expensive toenail clippers.

Milo: (Enters holding a tattered or hat or some other pitiful object.) What a beautiful day! I have sunshine and fresh air and good friends and red hair! It’s a great day to be alive.

(Milo and Lion

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A Love Story With No Kissing (1 Cor. 13:1-13)

Characters: Narrator, Wrinkles the Dog, A Scruffy Kitten, Dog 1 (lines can be split up between several dogs)

Narrator: Would you like to hear a love story? Don’t worry; there’s no kissing in this one. This is a story about an old dog and a little kitten. Once upon a time, there was an old dog who really knew what it was to love.

Wrinkles: Love is lovely. Love is a many splendoured thing. I just love to love.

Narrator: He was patient and kind

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